25 January 2011

Welcome Aboard!

After many years of skim reading various other personal blogs with varied interest, sometimes wondering why on earth people fill up websites with their whimsical anecdotes and own experiences seemingly only relevant to the author, I'm paradoxically jumping on the band wagon and starting up my very own web log.

However I'll be trying not to travel down the clich├ęd road of the 'look what I did in between breakfast and lunchtime' style of writing- I'm dedicating this site purely to my aviation related activities, my story as I transition from student pilot into potential future employment as a commercial pilot... which I'm hoping will be both relevant and interesting to a few of the countless other up and comers around the country currently in the same position as me.

Anyhow I'll quickly summarize my life up until now in this post, as a reference point for the rest of the blog: Born and raised in the UK, I moved with my family to NZ as a 13 year old. I've been interested in aviation from a young age, having developed a fascination with loud and fast winged objects whilst living nearby approach paths for several airports as a child.

As a teen I attended many airshows, became a flight simulator fanatic, started the www.NZFF.org online forum, which quickly became popular and allowed me to meet various pilots at my local airfield, Ardmore, who in turn took me up flying in a variety of aircraft which got me truly hooked on the flying bug.

A few years later after finishing high school, a gap year back in Europe, and with a hefty student loan, I am now a full time student at Ardmore Flying School, a qualified private pilot with nearly 200 hours under my belt, preparing for my Commercial Pilots License.

In the following posts here I intend to write up a brief outline of my pilot training thus far, including some of my most memorable experiences, updates on my flying progress, and begin uploading a selection of the many aviation photos on my harddrive. I want to share with everyone what its really like to be a twenty something student pilot at Ardmore- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Watch this space!

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  1. Looking forward to following your experiences mate.